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Connect to the Power Source

Connect to the Power Source

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My electric razor quit the other day. In the midst of my frustration, I realized that the battery just needed to be charged. So I quickly grabbed the charger, plugged it into the razor and took off for work. Imagine my frustration when it still did not work the next morning. As I was complaining to my wife, she asked if I had charged it. I sweetly and lovingly – sort of – explained that of course I had. I even showed her how I plugged it in. She then – sweetly and lovingly – explained that perhaps I should plug the other end into the electrical outlet. I had failed to connect to the power source.

I have found the same problem in life sometimes. Have you ever realized that life just was not working for you? It might be that life has not turned out like you thought it would when you were younger. Maybe it is your relationships that are broken. Or maybe it is that you have no joy, no hope, and no purpose in life. You know it could be better than it is. Everything would be better if you could just find the right answer.

Perhaps you have tried to find the answer that will change your life. You may have tried money, power, sex, drugs, politics, popularity, and a host of other approaches to a more fulfilling life. Yet, in the long run, none of them work. None of them can fix your life. Not in the long run. But there is a power that can. God.

God wants you to live life fully. He specializes in mending relationships. He wants you to live a life of hope, joy, and purpose. Not only does He want this for you, but He did something to make it happen. He sent His Son Jesus to this world to show you life — to give you life.

All you have to do is plug into the power source. I can help you do that. Write me at steve@hopeforlife.org or join the blog discussion at www.hopeforlife.org.

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Are you presently experiencing a new life? God's word says, "if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"

This new life is a free gift of God through faith in Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about this life that only Jesus can give you, sign up for one of our Bible courses. Wherever you are in life, whatever you've done, you can begin again.

You may also contact us at info@hopeforlife.org if you have questions about becoming a new creation.

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Steve Ridgell
Steve Ridgell serves as the Director of Ministry for Herald of Truth Ministries in Abilene, Texas and writes for Hopeforlife.org. You can reach him by writing to sridgell@heraldoftruth.org.

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