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The Gracious Hand of Our God

The Gracious Hand of Our God

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"Found the help you needed for the youth activities?" I asked, knowing it was unlikely that any volunteers would spend two nights in church with the teens.

"God's hand was in it!" he smiled and said. "Several wonderful parents came out to help. Thank you for your prayer."

Does God really have anything to do with ministry going smoothly, having enough people and resources? Some will prefer to resort to better planning or simply not doing it.

Ezra realized that he did not have a single Levite joining his journey back to Jerusalem to serve in the Temple:
I sent them to Iddo, the leader of the Levites at Casiphia, to ask him and his relatives and the Temple servants to send us ministers for the Temple of God at Jerusalem. Since the gracious hand of our God was on us, they sent us a man named Sherebiah, along with eighteen of his sons and brothers. He was a very astute man and a descendant of Mahli, who was a descendant of Levi son of Israel. (Ezra 8:17-18 NLT)

Certainly, Ezra had the authority, influence and connection to demand assistance, but the quality and quantity of what he received "surprised" him. A devote and passionate man of God, Ezra knew that God made it possible.

Do I see the "gracious hand of our God" working at all?

When I put my hands together, His hand begins to work.

Leave nothing to chance: pray!

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