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Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy

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I want to tell you about Scott Coleman, a quiet servant who came to the aid of a sick young girl. I think his story will remind you of someone who has come to your aid.

As Scott guides his twin-engine Cessna in towards Boston's Logan Airport, his passenger — six-year-old Erika Carlson — squeals with excitement. "We're about to land," she announces to her mom sitting next to her.

Erika was born with a life-threatening disease. For years she has had to travel to Boston from her family's home in Maine several times each year. But the twelve-hour drive became too draining for Erika and her parents.

That's when Scott stepped in. A non-commercial pilot, he volunteered to fly Erika to Boston.1 And every trip he's made has come at a great sacrifice to him — about $1,200 round trip. But because he knows that Erika desperately needed the treatment, he was willing to make that sacrifice. Again and again.

As I reflected on this story, I was struck by the parallel to our spiritual condition. All of us have souls that are sick with sin. We are helpless. We're in need of a spiritual physician. And Jesus has stepped in to lead us safely to the Father.

Paul states in Ephesians 5:25 that "Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a ... sacrifice to God." There's nothing we can do to earn this rescue — or to deserve it. Like little Erika, all we can do is receive it.

I hope you've received this gift and are following Jesus every day out of deep gratitude for rescuing you. Only Jesus can heal our sin-sick souls and guide us safely to a heavenly home.

1For more information, you may want to contact Angel Flight America, a nationwide group of volunteer pilots like Scott Coleman who provide assistance to medical patients.

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Jim Clark
Jim Clark is Executive Director of the Christian Service Center in Abilene, Texas.

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