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Latest for Singles from Cary Branscum:
How's Your 'Ratitude' How's Your 'Ratitude'
Single people today live in a "LEGO block" world. It seems nothing comes assembled and ready to go anymore ... (read more)
An Old Timer in His Service
Do you carry a pocketknife? Security concerns have made it a little more difficult to carry even a small ... (read more)
More by Cary Branscum:

A Father I Never Had
      Can you find a father?

Keep Striking the Stone
      What rock are you striking?

This Prayer's For You!
      Got anybody praying for you?

Found Things
      What have you found lately?

The Sudden Kingdom
      Have you ventured beyond the grace you've received?

Home for Christmas?
      Will you really make it home for Christmas?

Complain or Lament?
      So what's the big difference?

Do You Feel Lucky?
      Would you rather be lucky or blessed?

Momentous Meetings
      Have you met him?

Stoppin' at Rip's
      Make a rest stop.

The Wounds We Carry
      Christ has taken our wounds on himself...

Sleep Close to the Fire
      He'll keep you warm.

Mom Was There - Proverbs 31

Keepin' On
      It's not easy, but it's doable.

Broken, Open
      God uses everyone.

We All Gotta Come from Somewhere
      Where are you from?

Who? Not How?
      The beauty is not in understanding how, but in understanding who.

A Place to Put It
      We've got way too much stuff, and no place to put it!

      When you have done everything - Stand!

Run for Daylight!
      Sometimes the best plans are the simplest.

Elevator Practice
      We can all serve in our own way.

Fake Faith, Part 2
      Does it bear up under hard use?

Fake Faith
      Is anything real anymore?

God's new Glasses: Part Deux!
      There's another way to look at things!

God's New Glasses
      Can we see the way He sees?

How's Your "Ratitude"?
      Feeling a little harried and underapreciated? Read on...

Santa Fe Daybreak
      God wants more than "in the box" thinking.

Technicolor Prayer
      We can't make it without prayer.

Pay Attention!
      Some things to pay attention to in the new year.

Now Listen! Make it a Good Christmas for Someone!
      Get out there and do good!

O Luke, Where Art Thou?
      Is there any more permanent heritage than passing on the faith to others?

A Too Little God
      Try and see God as huge as He is.

I Offer You My Tent
      Do you need to turn around?

Close Calls!
      Whew! That was close!

Personal Impact
      Can one person really make a difference? Yes!

There Are More of You
      There are more singles than ever... what now?

Savor the Savior
      He is to be enjoyed and treasured!

Go to the Ant!
      It's about how you handle life.

Do You Have a Barn?
      It's a simple question, but a rich, wonderful answer.

Go For Simple First!
      Might the answers be rather simple?

Old Single Santa
      He needs help, just like you and me.

Giving Thanks from Your Heart
      Don't forget to make a list!

Life Stories
      Tell me your stories.

Running With Two Cell Phones
      Technology has its ups and downs.

Ripped Boxer Shorts and All
      Sometimes, it's the little things.

The Unkindest Cut of All
      Unintentional pain is still pain.

Go Out on a Limb?
      Are you ready to take some chances?

A Place Apart
      Jesus had a place; you need one, too.

A Sign from God?
      What's He trying to say?

I Still Like History, But Christmas Trees are Better
      God helps fix the broken things.

      It doesn't feel very good.

Single...Not Alone
      How does it feel?

My Heart is Greater Than This
      A powerful secret weapon than can change your life.

Press On
      You can bear up under the pressure.

One From the Heart, From Me to You
      Remember them. Thank God for them.

The War in the Desert
      He found the power to resist.

Was Jesus a Single Christian?
      Jesus was another successful single guy. Really successful!

Joseph, Single Guy in the Egyptian Fastlane!
      What lessons can we learn from Joseph, successful single guy?

What the Bible Says About the Single Life
      Let's go to the source.

Up a Creek
      Advice for the single woman.

A “Season” of Singleness
      To everything there is a season.

The Crazy Things We Do for Love
      Because it's worth it.

      A vital part of life.

Moments of Clarity
      Had an epiphany lately?

The Baby Moses Syndrome
      Are you floating in De Nial?

Flat Tired!
      What do you do when nothing goes your way?

Singular Excellence
      What made Paul a prominent single Christian?

Singles in a Rut?
      How did you get there? How do you get out?

Solitude vs. Isolation
      There’s a big difference.

Helping Children of Divorce
      What can we do?

The Survey Says...
      You and a church can be a perfect fit.

Single Friday Night Blues
      No plans? Make some!

What Can the Church Do To Help Single Parents?
      There's plenty we can do!


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