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The Survey Says...
by Cary Branscum

    A recent study in the book Single Adult Passages, (Baker Book House, publishers) by Koons and Anthony (researchers of the single life) reveals the following survey results:

Disadvantages of the single life for men:
  1. Loneliness
  2. Restrictions on sex life
  3. Self-centeredness
  4. Dealing with the problems of dating.

Disadvantages of the single life for women:

  1. Loneliness
  2. Financial worries
  3. Self-centeredness
  4. Restrictions on sex life.

    Now, on the brighter side, here are the advantages:

For single men AND single women, the results were the following:
  1. Mobility and freedom
  2. Time for personal interests,

and here it gets interesting: for women 3. Social life and 4. Privacy. For men, 3. is Privacy and 4. Social life.

    What conclusions can we draw from this?

    First of all loneliness can be a real problem.

What does YOUR survey say?
    Second, men seem to rate sex life restrictions as more problematic.

    Third, both see the danger of becoming too self-centered.

    Fourth, in our culture, single women face greater challenges with money.

    Fifth, everyone likes mobility, freedom, and time. And finally, women first seek a social life while men like their privacy more.

    So what?

    Have you ever thought of the church's part in all this? Or for that matter, have you thought of your part in the church? Think about it! You can find a peer group, develop some spiritual intimacy, focus on others and God, find assistance, and give assistance, use your time, freedom and mobility for ministry, and experience both social life and some spiritual quiet time.

    IT FITS!

    I challenge you to find a congregation of God’s people, and give it an extended try. Go more than once, it may take several visits to really get to know a church. You may find a church that has a singles ministry, or maybe God is calling you to start something. What does YOUR survey say?


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