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Cary Branscum


   Cary is the singles minister for the Westover Hills church of Christ.  Cary has worked with single adults for the past eleven years, first in Fort Worth Texas, and now in Austin.  He is married and has four children.  He graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 1974, and has done youth, education, and family ministry since 1975. In addition, Cary enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music. 

   When asked about the importance of singles ministry, Cary said this:

      "A large percentage of the American adult population is single.  Being single in a couple's world can be daunting for many people.  There are millions of single adults who don't attend church anywhere, yet struggle with life's issues.  The church is called to reach out to all people, regardless of marital status.  We must first 1) Become aware of their presence in our culture 2) Make them feel welcome in our churches, and 3) Assist them in finding ways to come to Christ and grow in grace and knowledge, ministering to them and with them. I am honored to be able to reach out to singles through Heartlight."


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