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by Michael Webb

    Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is already six months behind us?  For most people that was the last time they even considered doing something romantic (I hope my readers are different). In most cases, the romantic gestures that day had something to do with Godiva, FTD or Hallmark.

    Valentine’s Day has turned into a multibillion dollar business. That was never its intent.  So three years ago I created an anti-commercialized holiday, Resurrect Romance week (August 10-16). It takes place yearly six months after Valentine’s Day, but it spans an entire week. The purpose of the week is to place the emphasis back on our hearts and off of our wallets.  To designate just one day for romance seems bewildering to me, so I am hoping that people will make an effort to do something romantic each day for an entire week. If people do that, they will see an amazing change in their relationship and will be more motivated to becoming a year-round romantic.

    Just what do you do during Resurrect Romance week? Start putting into practice what this column has been preaching. Start off with the little things: brushing her hair, warming up the bath towel in the dryer, giving hugs and calling just to say you love her. Plan a picnic or an afternoon flying kites. Make a sentimental gift or a special meal and dessert. But don’t go out and buy her (or him) roses and chocolates. Romance is not about expensive gifts (that often have very little real value).

    Mark you calendars now. Plan on doing at least one romantic gesture each day. If you get stuck for ideas, visit my web site and sign up for my free RoMANtic Tip of the Week e-mail service. But the most important advice I can give is: have fun!

Michael Webb is editor of The RoMANtic Newsletter: Hundreds of Fun & Creative Tips to Enrich Your Relationship ($15/yr). For more information call 888-4ROMANTIC or visit http://www.TheRomantic.com.

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