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Ron Rose

     After two decades of church ministry and a pioneering role in initiating family ministries
in Texas churches, Ron Rose launched Faith in Families Ministry. This independent, non-profit organization was born in 1989 and is dedicated to building and preserving strong families. As the full-time Director of Faith in Families, Ron has become a noted author, a motivational keynote speaker, a popular workshop leader for school in-service presentations, and an outspoken promoter of family concerns on media programs across America. 

   Ronís first book Common Sense Discipline, co-authored with Dr. Roger Allen, boasts a forward written by Art Linkletter. His second book, 7 Things Kids Never Forget, was one of five finalists for the 1993 Gold Medallion Award, given to the best Christian books published each year. Ronís last two books have been team projects with his wife. For parents they have Dadís Diary, by Ron and Momís Diary, by Lyn. For couples they have Loving Her, by Ron and Loving Him, by Lyn. Ronís latest book is entitled The Diary of God. It tells the story of the Bible and Godís encounters with his people. 

   Since 1991 Ron has held thirty to thirty-five family Seminars or conferences each year. He has produced numerous special feature programming for both, radio and TV. He writes and hosts the 60-second SonWords spots on the CrossView television program. And, with the help of World Radio he has produced 6 audio-tape seminars dealing with family issues. He is also an occasional guest on COPE, a nationally televised call-in counseling program. 

   In June of 1995 Ron launched a national search for 100,000 American families who will pledge to make family a priority in their homes. He is collecting the stories of families who are growing stronger as they face the stresses of life. And, an informative Strong Families Network web page is located at: http://www.heavenbound.net/families

Ron and his wife, Lyn have been married more than 29 years and they have two grown daughters. 


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