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About Heartlight

Heartlight Magazine is an electronic publication for Christians that's been encouraging thousands everyday since it launched in April of 1996. Heartlight exists to provide positive resources for daily Christian living.

These resources include daily articles, devotionals, inspirational images, Bible study and more. Many of Heartlight's resources are available via email as well. The original site has grown into a network of sites covering several different topics. Heartlight focuses on positive messages that will help you live for Jesus today, wherever you are.

Heartlight, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit organization. We rely on donations from individuals as well as other means of income such as advertisements on our network. For more information about the finances of our ministry and how you can become involved, please visit our support section.

It is our prayer that the materials we provide are a blessing to you in your personal ministry and your relationship with God.

The Heartlight Team

Heartlight is maintained by a small team consisting of one full-time employee, one part-time employee, a handful of assistants, an advisory board, and over a dozen content contributors.

  • Phil Ware — President & General Editor
  • David Culp — Vice-President
  • Donna Ware — Secretary & Donor Relations
  • John Kirkland — Chief Technical Manager
  • Ben Steed — Operations & Mailing Lists
  • Bary Alexander — Heartlight Board & Treasurer
  • Ed Holley — Associate Editor
  • Ray Butts — Associate Editor

Heartlight Contributing Authors

Heartlight would be nowhere without the tremendous efforts of many individuals. Perhaps most notable among these are the talented authors who have contributed their writings (and readings) to our publication. We also owe much to the artists and designers who have given HEARTLIGHT its look. You can find each author's contact information at the end of their respoective articles. If an article is meaningful to you, please take a moment to tell let them know.

Heartlight Financial Support

Heartlight receives the ongoing faithful support of the Westover Hills Church of Christ in Austin. However, the bulk of Heartlight's financial help comes from the prayer and support of thousands of friends through their gifts through a variety of sources.


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