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Randy BectonBeyond Blindness to Blessing, by Randy Becton

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    Fanny Crosby, the great hymn writer, scorned the idea that God had planned her blindness. Fanny says it this way: “The idea is repulsive to me that the Lord looked down on baby Fanny Crosby and ordained that she should be blind for life!” But then she added, “But I do believe the Lord permitted me to be blind when that affliction had been put upon me by a doctor’s blundering. And I believe the way has been shown to make my blindness a blessing.”

“... his footsteps follow still”
    Is there really a way to make blindness into a blessing? Fanny Crosby understood that when we surrender our tragedies to God, God lifts them up and does not let them destroy or blight our lives. Rather he makes them a source of our deepest understanding.

    Here are some words Fanny wrote: I must have my Savior with me for I dare not walk alone. I must feel his presence near me and his arm around me thrown. Then my soul shall fear no ill. Let Him lead me where He will. I will go without a murmur And his footsteps follow still.

    Fanny Crosby used her “disabilities” as a great ability to reach people for God.

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