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    I was in Washington, D.C. on the night when young Karla Tucker was put to death by legal and lethal injection. Maybe you agree with me that everything about that night was very sad. Both those who agree strongly and those who strongly disagree with capital punishment have told me that we as human beings were all diminished a little, maybe a lot, by the horrible acts that she had done and by the horrible way she paid with her life for those acts.

    Remember, you may agree or disagree with capital punishment, but don’t overlook two truths that stand firm and will throughout eternity.

  1. God is the just and righteous judge.

  2. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

    Paul the apostle, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, said this. But Paul added to this confession a small phrase that has made a powerful impact in my life, and perhaps it will in yours: “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,” Paul said and then added, “of whom I am the chief.”

    We all need a Savior! May God bless you as you respond obediently to him.

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