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Randy BectonRoad Rage, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    It’s a real jungle out there! I’m not talking about Tigers and Rhinos, I’m talking about the people who are on the road with us—those folks behind the wheels of the cars and trucks all around us.

    I’m talking about your friends, your coworkers, and yes, maybe even you!

We need to manage our anger and keep it from becoming destructive.
    Ann is the 43 year old mother of three. She steers her two ton Chevy Suburban out of the driveway and roars down the street because she only has fourteen minutes to make it to her daughter’s ball game. A slower driver gets in her way and you know what happens. She had been a calm, harmless woman. But behind this wheel, she’s become angry.

    Road Rage! Do you know it? Have you seen it? Have you been someone who has been so angry that you could be called a warrior of road rage?

    What do we do? Anger in itself isn’t wrong. God has made us emotional creatures. But we need to manage our anger and keep it from becoming destructive. Things just go wrong sometimes. But we must manage our anger and prevent it from destroying ourselves or others. God wants us to bring every emotion to him, even our anger.

    Remember what God’s Word says in Colossians, “Let every detail in your lives be done in the name of the Master Jesus.”

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