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Randy BectonAnger at the Boiling Point, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    Brad is a time bomb of anger on the verge of explosion. When you hear his story, you will realize why his anger is at the boiling point.

    This week, Brad called and described a horror story of family pain. It begins with his alcoholic father and his mother’s disinterest in him. His uncle once beat him severely. Later, a cousin sexually molested him. Just months ago, Brad’s wife left him and took his children.

Is anger dominating your life?
    Brad is so full of anger. He feels rejected and all alone. No matter how we try to persuade him that God loves him, that his life can change, right now he can’t hear. The wall of anger can be so thick and so high.

    What about your life? Is anger dominating your life? It’s time for you to take action isn't it?

    It is! First, find a Christian friend. Honestly share your frustration. Let them put the love of God around your shoulders. Let them listen to you and help you process your anger with God. Then, turn to the Word of God, one of the best tools to deal with our anger. God will help you not be a victim of your circumstances. It is through God’s power that we choose not to be controlled by our emotions, including our anger. The love of God, can and will break down the wall.

    For Randy’s free booklet, The Beauty of Being in Christ, email herald@abilene.com attn: Randy Becton and ask for the booklet by name, it’s free. Or, you can request it by calling 1 (800) 759-3300.


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