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    Recently, I lost my next door neighbor to death. Then three weeks later, I lost a neighbor from across the street. Sometimes when the people we know and respect die, we find ourselves having a hard time knowing how to deal with it.

    The death of your loved ones is one of life’s certainties for you. When this happens, I’d like to give you three suggestions that I believe you will find helpful.

Recovery is certain if you trust in God.
    First, be sure and acknowledge the loss of someone who really meant something to you in your life. After everyone is gone, after all the cards have been read, after the flowers have been sent, you need to find a friend with whom you can talk about your loved one. Talk about being hurt, being lonely, about missing this loved one.

    Second, be patient with yourself. Forget the timetables others want to impose on you. Remember, you will only recover at your own pace.

    Most importantly, recovery is certain if you trust in God. He is the God of those who grieve. He is the one who gives recovery of strength, recovery of hope, recovery of faith to those who go through the valley of the shadow of death. God will see you through.


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