For the better part of 1988 to 2000 my wife and I lived in the former Eastern Europe, the last six of those years being in Prague, Czech Republic as part of a missionary team. Though it was not always easy, my life was enriched in countless ways — far more than I could have asked for or imagined when we first set sail to make a difference “behind the Iron Curtain.”

Since returning to Nashville five years ago, I’ve wrestled to make sense of this 12 year “education” — praying, talking with others, and writing. What you are about to read might be called “historical fiction.” That is, the people, and places, and experiences are real and true. However, I have taken the liberty to talk about a number of different events and people within the Christmas season of Advent. This “blog from Prague” is hopefully more than my narcissistic meanderings; it is my attempt to interact with a crucial text from Scripture, a magnificent city, and one of the dearest people I have ever met. Each of these — in their own unique way — has not only influenced me but profoundly altered the way I view Christmas. May God alone be praised!

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