Two-Minute Meditations
Two Minute Meditations
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These People Each Have a Name, by Phil Ware
All Perish in Air Crash
Toddler Dies in Flood Waters
Attack Leaves 2 Dead 6 Injured
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    Nameless, faceless, headlines. Disaster statistics. Someone else far away. They evoke a safe compassion and a hollow concern. We’re thankful they are not about us or ours!

    But when you know one of the “victims,” the emotions are as real as the people. These are real people with real families and real lives that won’t ever be lived. They ARE us—just with different addresses. These people each have a name!

    As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to live his life in our fractured world. We are not afforded the comfortable illusion that the news is entertainment or some grim freak show. These people each have a name!

How do we respond?
How do we make a difference from long distance?
How do we react without just “feeling sorry” for them?
How would Jesus react to the people in the latest headlines?

    Let me make a few suggestions to help get us started:

  • Read and listen to the news with redemptive concern.
    When we hear of disasters, heartbreaks, and tragedies, let’s pray for God’s protection, blessing, comfort, and healing for those involved and their families. Praying releases God’s blessing into their lives.
  • Care with active compassion.
    Visit, write, and call those whom you can contact. It doesn’t have to be a long letter or an extended call. Share a simple message: “My heart is touched by your tragedy. I will pray for each day this week. I want you to know your loss will not be forgotten.” If you can’t help them, then help someone you CAN reach. Let’s not let our compassion grow cold and become pity.
  • Notice the neglected.
    Let’s notice the folks forgotten and shunned the next time we’re in a public gathering. Let’s speak a pleasant greeting to them. Just as Jesus validated the importance of each person he met, so can we.

    People are more than headlines, statistics, and potential TV clips. These people each have a name!

Deuteronomy 33:26

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