President John Quincy Adams called both Houses of Congress together for a special joint session.  He walked in carrying two "bushel" baskets and said, "The bushel measure in my right hand came from South Carolina; the one in my left came from the city of New York.  One of these bushel measures contains sixty-eight cubic inches more than the other."  

   Then he walked to a table and picked up two one-pound weights and said, "This weight in my right hand came from Massachusetts; this other came from Maine.  One of them weighs neary an ounce more than the other."  

   After time to think about these matters, Adams concluded by saying "Gentlemen, we need a standard measurement and a standard weight for the United States of America>"  

   Today we here people crying "Give us a standard", a standard of right and wrong, a way of knowing for sure what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.   

   Isaiah prophesied "See, I (God) will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my standard to the peoples" (Isaiah 59:19).  We do have a standard, it is the Word of God.  May we continue to lift up that standard for our world to see.


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