Peggy Noonan, in her biography of Ronald Reagan, describes a scene in the President's hospital room after an assassin's attempt on his life.  John Hinckley's attempt had not been fatal, but the bullet wound was serious enough to hospitalize Mr. Reagan.

   The still weakened President had spilled some water and was on his hands and knees cleaning up after himself so that, he explained to his surprised aids, a nurse wouldn't have to.  He did not want to bother the nurse with the problem he caused.  Here was the most powerful, influential man in the free world down on his hands and knees cleaning up.  He could have called for an assistant to do the cleaning, or just left it for a nurse to clean up.  But he didn't.  He humbled himself.  

   Likewise, our Savior did the same.  In Paul's letter to the Philippians, he reminds us of Jesus' humble attitude, an attitude that took Him to the Cross.  But before Paul points to Jesus' attitude of humility, he begins in Philippians 2:5 "Have this attitude in youselves which was also in Christ Jesus," an attitude of humility and service.  

   What attitude do you reflect at home and at work?  Is that attitude reflected in your actions?  Let's have the attitude of Christ, the attitude of humble servanthood.


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