Recently our church's youth minister took a group of junior high and senior high school students to Paramount's Carowinds, located near Charlotte, North Carolina.  While there the group had a fantastic time riding various attractions and enjoying Carowind's annual concerts during Christian Music Day.  While at Carowinds, God's provision was made evident to our church's youth.  Heaton youth minister Roger Mize describes the event in these words...  

   There was a great thing that happened on this trip. The park set up a ticket system of going to the concerts. They were free, but you had to have a ticket to get into the concerts. They sold out of tickets in a couple of hours and we were stuck without a ticket. What were we going to do? This is what we went to Carowinds for. A man overheard us talking about it and when we stepped off a ride he was there to tell us he had some extra tickets. It ended up being FIVE extra tickets. This gave us hope because we only had ten people. At about 4:30 that afternoon, we went down to the concert area to "beg" for more extra tickets.

   After about an hour and a half we got more tickets than we needed. God is so awesome!  We came with no tickets and ended up with five extra. We gave the extra tickets to other youth groups who needed them. This was a great lesson to us to never underestimate the power and the majesty of God. "The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed in majesty and is armed with strength" (Psalms 93:1).


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