Being charged and locked up behind bars is a humiliating experience. Handcuffs, block walls, locked doors, thorough strip and body search, confiscation of personal valuables, narrow hallways, bars, a prison cell, stainless steal toilets, concrete bunks, rattling keys, the click of the lock and then a camera that monitors your every movement in a 6' x 10' cell. There is no privacy. In case of trouble, a guard merely calls for help by touching any part of a 3' high yellow strip running along the hallways. Access to a lawyer or relative is possible through an enclosed glass partition. Dignity and self-worth slowly ebb away. It is replaced with tears, anger, bitterness and a loss of self-respect.

    How futile is your predicament, how bleak is your situation. Your spirit is strangled, your hope is all but extinguished. Gone are those days when you could run after rainbow dreams in childish innocence: mother's arms, a first date, the new set of wheels, a football game or that great buddy.

    A good lawyer may be able to free you from "the morgue," but swallowing that bitter pill behind bars will last a lifetime.

    Perhaps you are imprisoned in relationships, chained to addiction, social castes or pornography. There is a way out for you as you awaken and see the same familiar surroundings. Yes, because of our human conditions, Jesus Christ swallowed your bitter pill by dying on the cross to give us that dignity that God wants you to have. He is able to give you a new spirit, and a new inner joy. He is better than any lawyer as He fills your life with hope and peace. God sets prisoners free by giving sight to the blind, food to the hungry, and lifting us up as we are discouraged (Psalm 146:7,8).


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