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AcappellaAcappella ministers through more than 140 concerts every year. They are on the road at least nine months of the year. They tour internationally, having just visited both Brazil and China within the past 24 months. Still, you would be hard pressed to find four men more humble and self-sacrificing than these four gentlemen.
(Listen: The Collection, All that I Need, Family Christmas)


AVBAVB began long ago in the mind of a young Keith Lancaster, the founder of Acappella Ministries. He envisioned a group of young men who could act as a "vocal band", a back up singing ensemble for the group called Acappella. Little did he know where God would lead them.  (Listen: Real)


Total Vocal UnionVocal Union is a group of seven men who are dedicated to God and love to sing about it with all their hearts. This is a group that fits all ages and crosses all boundaries. Utilizing close harmonies and traditional "old-time" gospel treatment of songs, The Vocal Union has brought groups in Tulsa, Nashville, Cincinnati, and other concert crowds to their feet with cheers for this beloved singing style.  (Listen: Once Upon A Tree)

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Acappella - "The Collection"
The collection

AVB - "Real"

Total Vocal Union - "Once Upon a Tree"
Once Upon a Tree

All That I Need


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