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oldest articles. Just click on the title of one that interests you and the miracle of modern technology delivers it to your screen! No articles are ever just  “dumped”—all are kept on the system and are available.

    Having said that, it should be noted that sometimes we will  “archive” an article. This means that it no longer appears on the table of contents for a particular section, but it is still available on the system. This is only done to reduce the cluttering and byte-consuming effects of having ultra-long tables of contents. To find archived articles, just use the search engine.

Searching the Site

    We have created a site search engine to allow you to find concepts or keywords of interest to you in our articles, gallery, even our discussion boards. For instance if you wanted to find articles mentioning the word  “grace,” you could ask the search engine and it would direct you to the articles matching that criterion. Slick!

      The search page is accessed directly from the navigation menu by entering a word or word in the box and clicking "Search"

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Software you'll want While surfing the net, you’ve got an amazing array of software choices confronting you. Browsers, plugins, extensions, helper apps—all seemingly with the goal of confusing the stuffing out of you. Unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers, but we can steer you toward the software you will want to fully realize the potential of this publication.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0

      You may not want to hear this, but Microsoft already rules the Internet world. We highly recommend IE 5.0, and will continue to optimize our site to take advantage of its features. Here are a few sites you might care to visit:

Netscape 2.0 NOW! Netscape Navigator 5.0

      Netscape Navigator will still be an important platform for us. All of our pages are cross-checked on IE and Navigator to ensure a good experience on both. Below are some sites of interest about Navigator.

Java Capability

      Java, a new programming language from Sun Microsystems, is revolutionizing the Web. And making it more crash-happy. We have delayed serious usage of Java until it becomes more stable as a language.

      We will, however, experiment with it on a regular basis. Assuming it is working, your experience at HEARTLIGHT will be enhanced by using a Java-capable browser such as Navigator 2.0 or higher, HotJava, or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher. A Java-capable browser is necessary to access the Heart to Heart Chat page, and enhances the experience of the Forum in that section as well.

      Stay tuned for more Java developments, and check out these sites for more general Java info.


Real Audio Real Audio

      Real Audio is the king of all streaming audio software for the Internet. It features pretty good audio—much better than Toolvox—and it is widely accepted. Support for Real Audio may be built into future releases of Internet Explorer/Navigator.

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