World Wide Witness

Updated July 2000

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Table of Contents

Introduction & Potential

World Wide Witness

Why are we here?

You Are the Light

We're here to show others to the glory of our Father!

Bringing Light to a Dark World

4 Crucial Concepts #1

Will We Run Away, Too?

Here Am I Send Me!

4 Crucial Concepts #2

Jesusí final words to his disciples!

Fishers of Men!


Principles of Good Evangelism

4 Crucial Concepts #3

Let Your Light Shine!

What has God called us to do?

We are to have a presence on the Internet that brings light to our dark world!

4 Crucial Concepts #4


God's work at making the time right!

Unparalleled Opportunity

Make Hime Known Among the Nations

Make Hime Known Among the Nations

Author: Phil Ware