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Jesus came when the time was right. God had conditioned the time to be ready for the spread of the Gospel. The Pax Romana, the 200 year Roman peace brought stability in communication, travel, government, law, and military conquest. The acceptance of Greek as the language of trade and commerce brought a nearly universal language to the Meditterranean world.

The Greeks had two words for time, chronos, which had to do with linear squential time, and chairos, which had to do with the appropriateness of time. Those moments when God has conditioned time to be right for his great works of salvation I sometimes refer to as a chairos crossing -- a place where time is made right for God's work to cross our path to bring the world closer to salvation.

With the widespread acceptance of English as the world language and the rapid spread of the Internet, which allows us to reach into homes and offices in cultures throughout the world, could this be one of those xairos crossings?

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