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One of the most significant books in the Old Testament is the small book of Jonah. It revolves around the city of Nineveh and God's desire to bring this evil city to repentance. Incredibly, more of our folks know that Jonah is about a "big fish" than know the Biblical message of Jonah.
Jonah runs from God's call for him to preach in Nineveh -- not because he is afraid to preach there, but because Nineveh is the capital city of Israel's enemy. Jonah is afraid if he preaches and the people repent, God will spare the city. So Jonah runs from his call. When God spares the city, Jonah is furious and God confronts Jonah with his bigotry and hatred. The book of Jonah closes with this powerful message: "Should I not be concerned about that great city?"

Today, the world's largest "city" is the Internet, or CyberCity. Who do you think God would have us emulate as we approach CyberCity? Jonah, who wanted the city of his enemies to be destroyed despite their repentance, or the Apostle Paul, who built his mission strategy around reaching people of all races and cultures through reaching the major cities of the Roman Empire?

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