Great News!
All of our brothers and sisters have been released last week!
Please keep them in your prayers as things are still up in the air in terms of long term worship freedom

Pray God strengthen their faith and open the door of opportunity for their growth numerically and spiritually! Check here for more details in coming weeks!

Religious Persecution
in Laos!

UPDATE: No improvement in the situation in Vientiane. We urge you to read the latest news update, and send a message to the Laotian ambassador voicing your concern for the well-being of the remaining 10 jailed Laotian Christians.

On the evening of January 30, 1998, the municipality police of Vientiane, Laos stormed a private home and arrested everyone there except their personal friends, paid informers, pregnant women, and single parents with young children. Ten of the original thirteen are still in jail. One is a sweet 18-year-old who is guilty of teaching children's Bible classes for the past two years, and nine are husbands and fathers of fine families that are guilty of being church leaders.

Learn more about the arrests and current developments in the News section. Then, please join us in calling for their immediate release. Add your voice to the cries for freedom for the Laos 10.

Day 951
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Freedom for the Laos 10


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