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Sometimes the simplest things we do are the ones God uses to remind us of our highest priorities! —Phil

A Precious Moment
by Mary Beth Lagerborg

    Janet wasn’t tired at 11:00 P.M. when she bent to turn off the reading light and go to sleep. It was the last night of their vacation at the cabin, and she remembered something she had wanted to do.

    She tiptoed into the darkness of her four-year-old daughter Karin’s bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Gently smoothing the fine strands of tousled hair from Karin’s face, Janet kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear. “Karin! Wake up. It’s Mommy. I want to show you something special.”

    Janet helped a groggy Karin get dressed. As they left the cabin, Karin kept the flashlight focused on the narrow path to the lake, and clutched her mother's hand. “Mommy! What are we doing?” Karin’s giggle was shivery with excitement and the cool night air.

“Wake up…I want to show you something special.”
    “Shhh. We’re almost there.” A breeze off the water brushed their faces as they stepped out onto the wooden pier. “Karin, look!” Along the shore a few lights winked from cabins and stores. But arching above the mountains the sky was splashed with stars like confetti, the cloudy smudge of the Milky Way through the middle.

    They laid on their backs on the hard wooden slats, hands behind their heads, watching for shooting stars in a meteor shower that Janet had read was coming. As they watched patiently, a shooting star punctuated the sky like a silver dash—then vanished. They counted the shooting stars, but only the ones they both saw so neither could cheat.

    “Why did God make so many stars, Mommy?”

    And why, Janet wondered, didn’t she take time like this with Karin more often?



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