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Wrap your arms around him, Father.

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A Mother’s Prayer
by Terra D. Brimberry

Heavenly Father,

    For more than five years, I have come to you with prayers on behalf of my child. Before I even knew Jeffrey was a boy, I prayed to you almost daily for his safety, his soul, and his good health. You have blessed me many times over, Father, with a healthy son, and with five wonderful years of enjoying his smiles, his laughter, and feeling his loving arms around my neck. You have also given me more patience that I knew I had, in dealing with his anger, his stubbornness, and his disobedience. For all of these things, and much, much more, I thank you Father.

    Today, I come with another request. My son who has been by my side for all of his young life, is going to be starting kindergarten soon, and it is something he is looking forward to with great joy and anticipation. Mom, on the other hand, has a few reservations. How will I be able to let him go, and entrust his care to a stranger for six hours a day, five days a week? How can I let anyone else be such an important influence in his life? Please give me strength Father, to know that you will be with him when I can't be, and that you are in control of his life and mine, always.

    I pray for his teacher, Lord, and ask that you give her the wisdom, compassion, and experience that she will need to teach Jeffrey and the other youngsters that will be in her class. I pray for his classmates, and for special friendships that school can bring. He is so excited about the prospects of school and all that is involved with that, and I want his experiences to be fun and fulfilling. I also know Lord, that life is not always easy, and that he is going to get his feelings hurt, and that he might not be the class favorite or the teacher's pet. Wrap your arms around him, Father, and please give me the peace and assurance that can only come from You and You alone. Bless Jeffrey, and help him to always look to his family, his faith, and his God, when life is good and when life is not. Let him always know that he is loved deeply here on earth and also from above.

        In Jesus name, Amen



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