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Blueprint for a Men's Ministry, by Ron Rose

    What could a Men’s ministry look like?

    Here is one action plan for designing a timely ministry to men in a local congregation.

Men's Ministry

This ministry exists to develop and encourage a significant number of men who are being shaped by their father-God into men of Integrity & Responsibility & Accountability.

Facilitated through a leadership-team of men who share a common priority for spiritual growth and renewal.

Every man can find a place to grow spiritually in this ministry. Here men can both, minister and be ministered to. The core value driving this ministry is our responsibility to provide a nurturing place for spiritual leadership. The following strategies put action into the equation.

A-Team Workshop—This Wednesday evening 3-week series is designed to start new teams (groups of 3-4 men who meet weekly) with the help of testimonies from on-going teams. To be repeated every three months.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast—Monthly gatherings with food, inspiration, and table prayer. The themes and speakers for the breakfast will be developed and printed for the year.

Spiritual Sponsors—This Wednesday night training program will prepare men to be mentors of children who do not have fathers in their lives. The plan is to start small and grow as God provides men. Training to have 5 sessions.

Men’s Ministry Annual Review—This resource will explain the mission of men’s ministry, review resources, re-print timely articles, and preview the schedule of men's events through the year.

Father/Daughter Banquet—Dinner and program for fathers/daughters/grand-daughters.

Father/son Camp-out—Overnighter for fathers/sons.

Father’s Day Special—A bridge-event to the community to honor fathers in our area. Honored fathers selected by letters written by children.

TopTalks—Developing a for-men-only 20-minute tape seminar for weekly commute times. This weekly tape will be a collection of the best messages from men and for men. With at least one message each week from the preacher.

Annual Equipping Conference—This Friday/Saturday conference will provide resources and inspiration for men in areas of leadership, ministry, marriage, and family.

Being the Best—A cable television/Internet 30 minute program/homepage developed by the a team of men for channel surfers who are interested in being better local leaders in the community and in the home.

The Family Man—A 30-minute weekly radio program designed to enrich, equip, and inspire men to be the man God wants them to be.

More about A-Teams:
Something powerful happens when a team of 3 to 5 like-minded men covenant to meet once a week. These meetings provide a growing relationship with other men; men who want to make sure their “talk” and their “walk” match. This is the place where men help each other set goals and keep each other accountable to reach those goals.

Keys to Success:
  1. Select team leaders who have a personal need for this accountability in their own lives. Many times these team leaders will be men who have experienced significant personal challenges in their own lives and they are more aware of the need for accountability.
  2. Remember, the goal of the team meetings is not teaching; it is spiritual growth and weekly encouragement. It is problem-solving and transformation. It’s a friendship covenant.
  3. Confession is a necessary part of the covenant.
  4. Prayer is a necessary part of the covenant.
  5. Confrontation is a necessary part of the covenant.
  6. These small teams of men will form a bond that brings out the best in each of them. Together, they will help each other learn to walk the talk.

Starting at the beginning
  1. Invite four men of your church to participate on an accountability team with you, or announce that any men desiring this kind of experience are to call you or write you a letter expressing their interest.
  2. Start with the first four who respond.
  3. Meet together weekly for nine months—sharing needs, confessing failures, praying for each other, confronting procrastination, and celebrating successes.
  4. For starters, talk about the roles men play in life—husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers, etc.
  5. After nine months, ask the participants to form their own teams.


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