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Men's Ministry, by Ron Rose
    Why do we need a focus on men’s ministry? Why now? As I see it, churches are the only ones who have the power to attack the scourge of fatherlessness that has drifted into the fabric of our society. 40% of our children do not live with their birth father. The times are tough and this is our chance to take action for God, to restore fatherhood and reconcile families. We must act. For the sake of our children, we must.

    There are ten things men can do to rid the land of this scourge of fatherlessness. No, these are things men must do to restore family to its rightful place.

  1. Men must place a high priority on being involved in their children’s lives, while accepting the responsibility for their security, health, and growth.
  2. Men must understand that parenthood is a joint-project and that one of the most important tasks in a man’s life is to stay faithful to, and respectful of, the mother of his children.
  3. Men must learn to give “the legacy” to his children—to give his collected wisdom, his observations on life, his blessing, and sense of humor.
  4. Men must spend time with other men of similar priorities and beliefs. Only by working together will they find the strength needed for the journey. Every man needs a mentor, an encourager, and an apprentice.
  5. Men must tell the story of God—the stories of God’s transforming power. A man's testimony of how God has worked in his life is a father’s most powerful message to his family.
  6. Men must teach their children the virtues of life (shape their character). Fathers must set the boundaries, enforce the boundaries, and live within the boundaries, themselves. It takes consistent attention, compassion, and living examples of courage to develop strong character.
  7. Men must learn to accept honor. Father’s Day is a great opportunity for churches to honor responsible and involved fathers in the church.
  8. Men must learn to give honor. They must resolve and affirm the connection with their own fathers. Our children’s future depends on our ability to honor our past.
  9. Men must restore the practice of blessing the children. Youngsters need to know that Dad believes in them, that he claims them, that he is proud of their talents, and that he has a vision for their future.
  10. Men must keep their personal, spiritual journey active and alive. A stale spiritual life will create distance from family and a general sluggishness in life.

    It’s time to take action. The cultural shift is all around us. It’s time to stop blaming and complaining, and start doing something to help men—it’s past time.



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