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    Paula Rhinehart’s life was filled with filled with good works, but she had no peace of mind. Then a health crisis in her life filled her with a fresh experience of God’s love.

    After months of recurring chest pains, Paula knew something was very wrong. Church activities were clogging her life, but she felt she was running on a speeding treadmill and there was no off button. She had medical tests but they revealed she had no physical problems. Then Paula realized the red light flashing was a deeper issue: a matter of her soul.

Remember something: you and I can never earn God’s favor.
    Paula began re-reading her Bible—desiring to move beyond a shallow understanding of God’s grace. There she found the God who invited her to a love relationship in spite of her sin. Because of Jesus’ cross.

    Do you identify with Paula in her turmoil? You know in your head the concept of God’s grace, but you don’t feel God’s love deep in your soul. I want to help you. Remember something: you and I can never earn God’s favor. Our debt has been paid by Jesus’ cross. Through faith in Jesus Christ and him alone that we learn to love God because we learn that we are totally loved by God.

    For free printed materials, including and in depth self study on Jesus, call toll free 1(800)759-3300, or write herald@abilene.com, attn: Randy Becton.


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