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Randy BectonLeft Out in the Loss, by Randy Becton

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    Losing your job can be one of the most frightening experiences anyone can have in life. I can think of Brent Green. He was jolted by this kind of crisis one bitter January day.

    It was a cold Friday afternoon. At the age of 46, Brent thought he was in a career position. That’s when his world suddenly exploded. He was laid off! He was packing his office the next day and felt intense anger, fear, and humiliation.

His world suddenly exploded.
    This may have happened to you. Losing a job can be so painful and unsettling. We may lose medical insurance coverage, we may have our families uprooted. Questions bordering on despair can flood our minds.

    “Where am I going to get another job?”

    “Will I have to move my family?”

    “How am I going to pay this month’s bills?”

    If unemployment has been your unwanted intruder lately, make sure your search for another isn’t your only job. Use this time to deepen your relationship with God like you’ve never known it before. Depend upon him. Be honest with him about your struggles, emotions, and fear. In addition, don’t hide your struggles from your Christian brothers and sisters who can help you. Your crisis is real, but you can get through it with the help of the Lord and with help from his people.

    I’d love to help you deal with this crisis, and others like it, but it will take more than a few positive words to get you over the hump. So I’d like to offer you my free booklet about triumphing over trials. Just drop me an email (herald@abilene.com, attn: Randy Becton) or call 1 (800) 759-3300.


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