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    WARNING: Your work may be hazardous to your health!

    That’s what career counselor Barbara Reinholdt cautions us in her book “Toxic Work: How to Overcome Stress and Burnout.”

She began to emerge from this black hole of despair when she returned to her childhood faith.
    Are you familiar with the phrase “Toxic Work Syndrome?” That’s a phrase coined by Barbara Reinholdt. She says we have more stress now in the work place than at any time since the industrial revolution.

    Do you worry about finding another job if you lose your current one? Are you lying awake at night with anxiety about your work? Do you not believe in what your doing anymore? Are you too worn out at the end of the day for any relationships?

    If you are answering yes to some of these questions, Barbara may be on to something. But remember this: your greatest problem is never your job, it is your God and your trust in him. No matter how secure your company is trying to make you, it can never match the ultimate security offered by Jesus Christ. Jobs come and sometimes they go. Better relationship with Jesus will last you forever. Work will never get the best of you if you remember that God knows your name and if you trust him, he will never forsake you.

    To correspond with someone about how to start over in your life, or for free materials from Randy Becton and The Caring Touch, call 1 (800) 759-3300 or email herald@abilene.com, attn: Randy Becton.


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