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    Sheila Moore has faced insurmountable odds in her battle with cancer. She says “I’m living proof that you’re not out after three strikes.”

Strike One: At the age of 32 she was diagnosed with an inoperable breast tumor. After chemotherapy, the tumor disappeared.

Strike Two: A year later a tumor was found in her brain. But she went right back to work after her surgery.

Jesus Christ is the answer.
Strike Three: Six months later, a tumor was found lodged in her spine and the doctors predicted that she would be paralyzed for the rest of her life. But the tumor withered away and now, seven years later, she is completely free of cancer. She gives God the glory because thousands of Christians prayed for her.

    I relate to Sheila because I’m convinced that God healed me of my cancer. I know, however, that you may not have had a success story in your battle with illness or cancer. How do you keep trusting God when you don’t see his powerful hand healing your illness or the illness of someone you love? Let me share with you what I believe is the ultimate comforting word:

    Jesus Christ is the answer for the ultimate healing of our souls. Place your trust in him, because the miracle is not in our cure, but in our hope.

    For free materials on dealing with cancer or other important topics, write to herald@abilene.com attention Randy Becton and ask for free materials on the subject you are interested in.


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