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Randy BectonFulfilling Fatherhood, by Randy Becton

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    We’ve heard for years how divorce hurts women and children. It also hurts men. Let me explain.

    Father of three, Robert Samuelson confesses that the most fearful part of his life is being a father. But it is also the most fulfilling. Some new research in family studies has boosted Robert’s spirits as a father. These studies show that family life can have a very positive effect on men. Many men give up irresponsible behaviors when they have to learn sacrifice in caring for children.

…fatherhood has proved to be a powerful antidote to self-centeredness.
    Samuelson’s experience supports this research—that fatherhood has proved to be a powerful antidote to self-centeredness. He has become a very committed person as he has tried to put his family’s needs before his own.

    Now he admits the hardships of being a father, but he has found that raising a family has brought him tremendous joy. His testimony is just further evidence that supports the beauty of God's design for family.

    Men, if you are thinking about abandoning your family, STOP! Consider the long term consequences. The worst thing is you will be rebelling against God. You’ll also miss out on some of the greatest blessings God gives to those who stay with their family.

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