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Randy BectonA Healthy Self-esteem, God's Way, by Randy Becton

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    For quite a long time, Dan Ding worked with college students, helping them deal with one of their most significant problems, proper self-esteem. Listen to what Dan suggests we do.

    The humble heart, he is always willing to receive.
  1. See ourselves as God sees us. It’s true, we are created in the image of God. We ought, therefore, to have a reverence for what God has made as the crown of his creation, our lives and souls. Now yes, we know we’re fallen creatures. Yes, we know we have sinned and we know that our sins have separated us from God. But remember, it is the pride and the unwillingness to confess sin that God does not accept. The humble heart, he is always willing to receive.

  2. Second, Dan says, don’t forget all of your gifts. They came from God. Give him thanks.

  3. Finally, dwell on the fact that in Jesus Christ, you are a forgiven person.

    That’s good news!

    For more good news and materials to help you better live for Christ in today’s world, email herald@abilene.com (attn: Randy Becton) or call 1 (800) 759-3300.


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