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    Recently, I was in an interview with a man named Joe. It was a television interview played across the nation. I had to ask Joe before we went on the air, “Joe, do your past associates know where you are? Are you hiding out from the Mafia gunmen?”

    He said to me, “No brother, don’t worry about it.” He then went on the air and told the story of how Jesus transformed his life.

Jesus transformed his life.
    Joe really doesn’t appear to be an unusual man. He was born into a family that controlled and perpetrated organized crime in Mexico, especially the selling of drugs. By the age of 16, Joe had been tapped to become the kingpin of the family operation in the state of Texas. But things had gone wrong. Joe had started to use drugs and he went to prison for it. While Joe was in prison, he hit the bottom. He tells this story in the interview with him on television.

    Joe says, “We all need two things. Jesus gives them both—love and acceptance.”

    You can ask for Joe’s story and receive it free of charge. Call 1 (800) 759-3000 or Email me and ask for the Joe Almanza interview, or other free resources to help you live for Christ. These resources are free of charge. Email me herald@abilene.com and put attn: Randy Becton in the subject line. Let us know what kind of free resources we can help you with. Come and learn how Jesus gives us all what we most need.


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