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    Listen to these words by my friend Bill. “One night I was sitting half clothed in a substandard motel room having hit bottom. My life was a total failure. I knew I needed to quit drinking or die, yet it was so hard to think of turning to God. All I thought he would do is punish me. I had yet to hear of God’s grace, love, and forgiveness offered to anyone but good people.”

I needed to quit drinking or die...
    Here are some more of Bill’s words. “The night I hit bottom I prayed, I screamed, I cursed, and I sobbed uncontrollably. I was angry and frightened. Then God brought a name to my mind.” Then Bill goes on to tell about moving in with a family that had a real living faith. And he said, “I wanted their God to be my God. Finally I began to believe that God would take me back.”

    Please learn from Bill this incredible truth. God turns his back on no one, who comes to him. Jesus himself reminds us that God waits longingly for every child who has wandered away to come home. You can read Jesus’ story about our loving Father in the Bible in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 15, verses 11-32. You can also get free resources to help you live for our Heavenly Father by calling 1 (800) 759-3300 or by emailing me at herald@abilene.com and put attn: Randy Becton in the subject line. May God bless us all as we learn to trust God’s love more and more every day.


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