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Randy BectonGod's Blessings in Our Disappointments, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    My friend Gene Stallings may have lived the American dream. He has had a highly successful career as a football coach, a wonderful wife, and four beautiful daughters. But there is a deeply painful side of his life that may encourage you.

Gene longed for a son.
    You see, football coach Gene Stallings has had a remarkable career. First, he was an assistant to Bear Bryant at the University of Alabama. Then he coached with Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys. Finally he won the national championship title as the head coach for The University of Alabama. He’s been blessed with a wonderful family. But there is a significant part of Gene’s life that has brought him deep pain and yet, great joy.

    Gene longed for a son. A son who could play football. In God’s grace, God gave him Johnny. But Johnny was born with Down’s Syndrome. Gene has written a personal book telling that Johnny has taught him more about God than perhaps anyone else. He taught him how to be patient with people. He taught him how to support the weak. Gene Stallings’ son has taught him how to love.

    Could it be that God is teaching you more about himself through that which gives you pain and disappointment? Pray today that he will.

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