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Randy BectonAmazing Grace, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    It’s hard to understand that there is nothing we can do to make God love us more, and there is nothing we can do that can really make God love us any less. Why is this true? Philip Yancey has some marvelous thoughts about grace in his new powerful book, What’s So Amazing about Grace?

I was a helpless, love-sick father.
    He tells about a minister friend of his is battling with his fifteen year old daughter. This anguished father knows his daughter is using birth control. For several nights, she has not come home. Her parents have tried every form of discipline. Nothing has seemed to work. One night, late, waiting for her, the father was so angry! “Yet,” he said, “when my daughter came home early the next morning, I wanted nothing but to take her in my arms and love her. I was a helpless, love-sick father.”

    Does that ring a bell with you? ...a love-sick Father! That’s what our Father is. He sent his Son Jesus, so we could understand that it is not our goodness that draws us close to him, but it is his love that transforms our lives. He welcomes us home at any time and he loves us with a fervent, steadfast love.

    This is good news... and amazing grace.

    Discover the joy and beauty of the Christian life in Randy Becton’s free booklet, The Beauty of Being in Christ. You can order it by email: herald@abilene.com, attn: Randy Becton. You may also order it by calling 1 (800) 759-3300.


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