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Randy BectonPowerful Prayer, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    While rummaging through an old box, owned by her great grandmother, Wendy found a priceless treasure. Elizabeth Coates prayer began this way. “This day, July 10, 1912, I hearby give my son Robert over to the Lord to redeem his soul from sin and to make him an earnest Christian.”

What about your prayer life?
    Elizabeth Coates prayer was special. Her great granddaughter Wendy reflected on her family tree after reading this powerful letter. The son that Elizabeth prayed for never became a Christian. She must have been deeply disappointed. Yet many of her ancestors did come to believe in Jesus.

    Wendy was saved at a young age, eventually married and is now raising three children for the Lord. Her father became a vibrant follower of Jesus and her brother did, too. While Elizabeth never saw her son come to faith, her prayers were answered.

    Wendy states, “God honors prayer in ways we often don't expect and he honored my great grandmother’s prayer on behalf of generations she never met.”

    What about your prayer life? Who are you praying for that doesn’t know Jesus? Don’t give up. Keep persisting. Believe this promise: “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

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