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Randy BectonEarnestly Seek Him, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    Henri Nouwen spent decades in his lonely struggle to know Christ. His spiritual journey has sparked in so many people a deeper hunger for God. It reminds me of Hebrews 11:6 that God rewards those earnestly seek him.

He knew how to write down his quest after the ways of God.
    I was struck with sadness when I heard of Nouwen’s death because he was a restless soul who knew how to write down his quest after the ways of God. He described his longing for an intimate relationship with his Heavenly Father. It was his sense of longing that I tied into. Many of the struggles of 20 years were very much alive to Nouwen and he wrote them down so carefully. He helped me, along with many others, get in touch with our soul’s struggles, longings, and hungering after God.

    The question comes, “Are you, am I, as sincere a seeker after the way of Christ as this writer was?” His writings tell us that his heart’s one desire was to know the Lord. What about you? Maybe you haven’t written it, but the Lord knows those who seek after him, and he rewards their quest.

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