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Randy BectonChoose Wisely, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    In a few short weeks my son gets married. I hope he has chosen wisely. Marriage counselor Dr. Neil Warren made a significant observation from his years of clinical practice. Many couples with marital problems knew on the day they got married they were making a mistake of a lifetime. Sadly, they were afraid to stop their wedding. Their fear of embarrassment led them to follow through on what proved to be a tragic decision.

Marriage is such a critical decision.
    Dr. Warren talks about this in his beautiful book Finding the Love of Your Life. I used this book in counseling my own son and his fiancé. They will not have to stop on the day of their wedding and decide this is the worst mistake they have ever made.

    Help your child develop a clear mental picture of the spouse God wants them to marry and the spouse God wants them to be. Remember to help your child think it through. There is are issues that must be thought through from a God point of view. Marriage is such a critical decision. God wants to live in the midst of your children’s marriage, with their best friend, the one they choose to spend the rest of their life honoring God with. God will help them.

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