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A Heavenly Whuppin', by Phil Ware

    “My dad can beat up your dad!”

    “No he can’t! My dad can beat up your dad any day!”

    “No he can’t.”

    “Yes he can.”

    “I said it first.”

    “I said it best.”

    “Well, well, well,… I’ll trade you this red truck for six of your army men.”

    “How about five?”



    Little boy games and little boy words. But there is a truth underneath all that bluster!

    You see, we try to hide our deepest insecurities in denial and bravado. It’s like pulling the covers over our head when we are afraid—it makes us feel better, but it sure isn’t a show of strength.

    That’s where Abba comes in. You see, God revealed through Jesus that we could be little kids with misplaced insecurities and come to him as more than a father, we could come to him as Abba Father.

No brag, just fact.
    His long history of faithfulness and care, especially to those who are undeserving, is his testimony to us of his unfailing love. His surrender of heaven to the worst of earth in Jesus’ death, proclaims his sacrificial care. His triumph over death by raising Jesus from the dead is his great reminder that he is Almighty God, Conqueror and LORD of all. Yet he still bids us to call him our Abba Father.

    When we face temptation, doubt, uncertainty, trial, grief, hostility, loss,… we can look the enemy in the eye and say, “My Father can whip your father any day” and be right. No brag, just fact.

    How do we know? He’s already done it. And if we let him, and if we’re patient, he will do it again, in us.

    The following comes from a friend who knows God as Father. She has not always had an easy life (big understatement!). But as she has matured in Christ, she has learned that God’s promises and Scripture’s truth are marvelous words to use in self-talk as she seeks to overcome her own doubts and struggles along with the attacks of the enemy. I wanted to share them with you because I thought the sentiment fit the theme of “A Heavenly Whuppin.’” Victory to you and yours! —Phil

That's My Father
by Gayle Calnan

    Be careful, oh enemy! I am not to be messed with.
    I am a treasure — a valuable jewel. I am the righteousness of God through Jesus the Savior. I am His child — the child of the great “I Am.”

    Oh, beware, oh enemy! My Father’s angels guard me.
    There is a diamond-shaped hedge around me.
    My Father sits in the mercy seat and protects me.
    I Am safe and much loved.

    When I step upon a sharp rock, the angels of God catch me and I do not fall or bruise my heel.
    When I am thirsty, I am given living water.
    When I am hungry, I am given the bread of life.
    There is no love as great as the love of my Father.
    There is no one I desire to please other than Him.

    Oh enemy, you have been overcome by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who came in the power of the blood, the cross and resurrection.
    Bow your knee before Him because He has been given all authority by the Father. Through His blood, I am God's righteousness.

    You are no match for my Father. He will crush you and send you to the abyss with all your demons. My Father has all power and all glory. Hear Him.

Poem by Gayle Calnan. Used by permission.

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