Two-Minute Meditations
Two Minute Meditations
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It was like everyone, all at the same time, realized the Golden Rule applied to driving.
Of All or Not at All

    What a pleasant surprise! After spending 45 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic trying to leave on a Thanksgiving trip, imagine my surprise. As I got off the I-35 and moved out into the Hill Country of Central Texas I was shocked.

    With the new faster speed limits we made good time. No one was driving recklessly or too fast. When I needed to pass, folks moved to the right and let me around. When folks passed me, I pulled over and the waved or blinked their lights “Thank you!” At our stops people were polite and friendly and wished us “Happy Thanksgiving!” The 200 mile drive passed quickly and it was delightful.

    To be honest, I was shocked. The ol’ cynical side of Phil said, “Yeah, but wait till the weekend is over. They’ll be back to the same ol’ maniacs on the highway after the holiday is finished.”

    I was wrong!

    You see, it was like everyone, all at the same time, realized the Golden Rule applied to driving. They were treating me, and everyone else, with kindness, courtesy, and respect. The atmosphere was downright infectious. I even slowed down through one stretch well below the speed limit because a lot people were milling about visiting in their yards. I thought to myself, “Now I wouldn’t want somebody driving this fast by my kids and family!”

    The Golden Rule applied to driving! Wow, what a revolutionary thought.

    As human beings, we find it so easy to compartmentalize our lives so the Lordship of Jesus doesn’t reach into all the nooks and crannies where we keep our pet sins, secret pride, and hidden weaknesses. But imagine if we realized that ALL those nooks and crannies along with ALL those compartments are to be opened up to the Lordship of Christ and his character. Wow, what a different world it would be! Double wow!! What a different life I would lead!!

    You know, I think I’d better change that last line because if Jesus isn’t Lord of all, then he really isn’t Lord at all!

    Triple wow!!! What a different life I WILL lead. May God bless you as you join me in trying to give all the compartments of our lives to Jesus as Lord!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...EVEN IN TRAFFIC!


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