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Two Minute Meditations
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The Gospel finds its beginning and culmination in family!
Building a Forever Family

    I was touched by his joyous pride. It was just another one of those gas station, convenience store, car wash places. He was behind the counter earning a few extra bucks for his family. Displayed behind him, right where everyone would see, was a picture of his 2½ month old son. I asked him, “Is that your boy?” His face lit up and filled with love. I knew his answer before the words of confirmation left his lips!

    The Gospel begins with family. Luke’s first three chapters are filled with the story of Jesus’ large, extended family. The interwined faith of two godly cousins, faithful women with faithful husbands, leads us to the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. Luke lists a line of faith for Jesus that goes back to David, then ultimately to God. According to tradition and faith, Jesus is welcomed to his family, named, dedicated, educated, and prepared for a ministry. Luke wants us to know that the incubator for the Messiah was a family of faith.

    One of the great images of the Gospel’s hope is the Lord’s return. The faithful dead will be raised and united with the living faithful. They will meet the Lord in the air. Together they will go to be with the Lord forever. (See 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) This will be the greatest family reunion of all time—the joyous merging of our physical family and our family of faith. We will be joined together into a “forever family.” The Gospel finds its beginning and culmination in family!

    We find ourselves in the “in between time.” Our struggle is to build families to of faith, character, hope, and love during this “in between time.” This is where our faithfulness is proved. It is when our family is built. It is what life is all about. At Heartlight, we are commited to help families with the “in between time.” So over the next several weeks, you will find additional resources on the family in a special section entitled “Building a Forever Family.” We hope you will not only read, but also react and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about building families of faith.

    Luke is right, the Gospel begins with family. Let’s make sure our family is part of that Gospel story! In the “in between time,” let’s make sure our family is valued. Recognize that each person in our family circle is a gift from God. Value them for their unique qualities and potential. Show our love for them in words and action. Reawaken the loving pride for them like the new dad who put up a picture of his new son. Strong, whole, holy, and forever families don’t happen by accident. Let’s pray for God to show us how to build a FOREVER family!



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