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Two Minute Meditations
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When we refuse to forgive, it’s like leaving a pile of manure in the living room and pretending it’s not there.

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Learning to Let Go, by Phil Ware

    The headline read, “When to Let Go.” Underneath it was a picture of an old, dying gentleman in ICU. He was hooked up to all sorts of tubes and his children were gathered around him looking concerned and expressing their love for him. His eyes were closed, his mouth was open and a ventilator tube ran down his throat. It was a powerful image. Unfortunately, it was an amazingly familiar image.

    “When to Let Go.” The headline could have been attached to all other sorts of issues:

  • Loved ones who have passed away
  • Children growing up and getting married
  • Failure in life or business
We could make our list very long if we wanted. But let’s take a moment and focus on one item that we must let go of or it will destroy us: the bitterness of an unforgiving heart.

    When we refuse to forgive, it’s like leaving a pile of manure in the living room and pretending it’s not there. The more we pretend, the more we deny, the more we rationalize, the more it stinks and spreads its toxic putrefaction all through our lives.

    Many years ago I read an article on forgiveness and it had a boxed quote that went something like this: “Forgiveness means we set the captive bird free and suddenly realize that we were the captive bird.” Refusing to forgive seldom damages the person we want to get even with as much as it does us. The bitterness festers and pollutes our hearts. It hinders our prayers. It robs our joy.

    “Father forgive them.” Those were some of Jesus’ last human words. They must be some of our first if we are to get on with living and quit letting the past wrongs in our lives destroy us. It is not easy to forgive. It is a commitment we must stick to. But isn’t time you set your captive bird free?

Ephesians 4:32

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