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    Few opportunities for good have presented themselves to humankind like the Internet. When I first heard a Disney Imagineer suggest that the Internet ranked up there with the discovery of fire in the history of humanity, I was more than a bit skeptical. Even though I was already heavily involved in HEARTLIGHT® at the time, I questioned whether his “hyperbole” was more damaging than helpful. Two years later, however, I tend to agree with him. The growth, the sense of world-wide community, the ability to get information and keep in touch with people almost anywhere is simply staggering.

    As with any good thing, Satan and his allies have rushed in trying to pollute and misuse what can be a very good resource for righteousness. While some have admirably tried to protect us from these abuses, protection is not enough! Jesus taught us that evil always finds a worse manifestation to our present evil if all we do is clean it up and get rid of it (Matthew 12:43-45). We must make sure there is an abundance of good quality content and outstanding quality Christian witness on the Web to keep Satan from filling the void.

Satan and his allies have rushed in...
    As an Internet user, and as a friend of HEARTLIGHT, I want to encourage you to do 3 things as you involve yourself in the Internet.

    First, when you go online, do so with a specific purpose with a set amount of time allotted. It’s okay to play on the Web, but don’t let it become an obsessive waste of time. Learn ways to use the Web to aide your productivity and not just be a place to play. Use the Internet for research, correspondence, product updates, news, weather, music, and spiritual nourishment. Make it a productive and inspiration tool and not just a time waster.

    Second, find ways to use the Internet redemptively (see a related presentation on HEARTLIGHT). Use e-mail to correspond with family, missionaries, and those in ministry, always seeking to support and encourage them in their good work. Send HeartCards, or something similar, to encourage someone who is struggling, ill, or just in need of friendship. Pray for those doing ministry on the Internet — pray that God will bless and empower their ministry to touch others with grace and bring him glory. (Those of us at HEARTLIGHT truly do covet your prayers!)

    Finally, help your children and grandchildren learn the safest and most appropriate ways to use the Web. Give them proper supervision and guidance so they can take advantage of its positive qualities while being protected from its dangers. Use filtering software to help protect them from unwanted destinations. Help them understand the “stranger danger” principle applies to the Internet just as it does to public life in the “real world.”

    God has blessed us with an incredible tool. Let’s use it to further the Kingdom and the cause of Christ!


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