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    The first day of the week exploded on the eastern horizon. The few clouds left in this winter sky were ablaze with the promise of a gorgeous new day. On the opposite horizon, the full moon slowly made its way toward its vanishing point. Growing larger with each barely perceptible slip, the blue moon was still fully illuminated in the dusk of pre-dawn. It spoke of a gentle night past and the rest that lay just behind.

    Caught between the majesty of the night’s moon and the beauty of the sunrise, I slowed my car and thought for a moment of trying to capture the event on film. It would take at least three careful clicks of the camera. What I would capture, however, couldn’t begin to do justice to this incredible moment. I decided not to stop. While some of the picture might be magnificent, this was a moment to be remembered in its richness, not abridged in a two dimensional snapshot.

This was a moment to be remembered in its richness.
    I chose instead, to ponder the wonder of God’s love for us. The God of all eternity, who spoke and made our wondrous universe, the God who paints each sunrise, is accessible and attentive to me. Unbelievable! I slid in Chris Rice’s wonderful song, “And Your Praise Goes On” and enjoyed a few moments of glory.

    Then it hit me. God has revealed himself as “The One who is and who was and who is to come” (Revelation 1:8). The horizon of God’s existence is sunrise, sunset, and the ground in between, all at the same time. The dynamic painting unfolding before me, behind me, and around me, was God’s canvas and symbolic of his horizon. The beginning, the end, and the now are all together in one frame. What I could only dream of capturing with my camera with three pictures, God always is.

    Then it hit me again. God has given us a gift to help us share his horizon. The Lord’s Supper joins us in all three dimensions: we remember Jesus’ death for us at Calvary, we discern his Body present with us as we share the Supper with others, and we anticipate his triumphant return all in the same Supper (1 Corinthians 11:24-29). We see the moon setting, the sun rising and live in the space between with Jesus as our Lord! For a moment, we get to step outside our shallow view of time and walk with God on his horizon. As we do, we get to anticipate that horizon one day being our own!

    May his glory, his comfort, his grace, and his children’s praise, go on and on!

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