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    I was having one of those frustrating mornings. My bank for the last decade has just been gobbled up by one of those mega-banks. All the locations I thought would still be open were closed. After thirty minutes of driving around looking, I finally found one open. I wrote the new prefix in front of my account number so they would take my deposit and sent the check up the tube back to the faceless voice who processed my deposit. I was a little disappointed when she was so nice. You know how it is, the worst part of our nature takes over and we just hope someone will give us a reason to vent the pent up frustrations.

    Soon the high pitched wheeze blew back the tube which stopped with its ka-thudddd. I contorted by body, dug the tube out of the bin, twisted open the cap and withdrew my cash. I put the car in gear and just began to pull away when I remembered something. I punched the “teller call” button and the pleasant mechanical voice asked, “Can I help you?”

    “Yes,” I said, “I don’t think I got my deposit receipt.”

    It’s receipt time, you know! December means getting receipts together to finish those end of the year reports and expense allowances. With every Christmas purchase, there is either a sign or well-intentioned clerk reminding you, “Be sure and keep your receipt.” “No exchanges without your original sales receipt!” “Sales receipts mandatory for all returns!” With the fear of a new bank losing my money, with sales receipt fever in the air, I wasn’t leaving the bank without my deposit receipt!

Think about it. It’s true.
    By the time I was pulling away from the bank, I was running 45 minutes behind on my day and was trying to stay out of the foul mood ditch. Then a gentle and sweet conviction lifted my spirits and lightened my heart. “At least I won’t need a sales receipt to get into heaven!”

    Think about it. It’s true. The debt for our sins was paid by Christ. God even sent the Holy Spirit into our hearts as God’s deposit, his living receipt, guaranteeing our salvation. When I stand before God with my Brother and Savior Jesus at my side, he will open the book of life and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Then I’ll enter into heaven and find the room prepared for me by Jesus. I won’t have to show a receipt, proof of purchase seal, or UPC code. The Son and the Spirit will testify that I belong to the Father and I will enter into the joy of his presence, forever.

    By the time I arrived at my destination, my sour attitude was gone. This was partly because of the courtesy of a faceless teller who was kind with a confused customer whose bank had been yanked out from under him. Even more important, however, was the wonderful reminder that when I go home to the Father, no receipt is necessary at heaven’s door! He knows I’m coming. He can’t wait till I’m home! Jesus’ gift to me is fully redeemable! No receipt required!


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